Donated - Leimsider Szofi Diagnosed Cerebral Palsy
“Szofi was born very, very prematurely; she was smaller than a loaf of bread when she was born at 27 weeks and she also suffered a brain hemorrhage. Nine years have passed since then, and Szofi is developing well; she is smart, intelligent, and already goes to school. However, the brain hemorrhage did not disappear without a trace. Unfortunately, her movement is not at all like that of other children. Her condition is called cerebral palsy, which means brain-induced paralysis, and as a result, her right hand and right leg do not really serve her intentions.”
Wise Receipt: #109953****
Date: June 2024
Donated - Micsko Benjamin Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
“My name is Benjámin Micskó. I was born on 20. 02. 2020. I just turned 4 years old. I am a wonderful, cheerful, curious, ever-moving little boy. I was diagnosed with severe Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”
PayPal Receipt: 4J759212V73******
Date: May 2024
Donated - Northstowe Half Marathon/Cambridge Acorn Project
Cambridge Acorn Project provides life-changing support to children and their families who have experienced trauma and abuse and are living in poverty. That`s a small local charity that has a huge impact on families and communities across Cambridgeshire.
Order ID: 660087149c**************
Date: April 2024
Donated - Kneifel Adin Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Adin’s mother and father noticed that their son had become quite loss of appetite, so they took him for a blood test. However, the cause of the loss of appetite was not what the parents expected. The liver function values and CK level were very high, leading to further investigations. Finally, on December 17, 2022, the results of the genetic test arrived, revealing that Ádin suffers from the extremely rare Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
PayPal Receipt: 3R341372L14****** and 3XU75955KU*******
Date: March 2024 + May 2024
Donated - Jazmin SMA Diagnosed (Charity Run for Jasmin 18th of Feb @ Zalaegerszeg HU)
“Jasmine was born in August 2023 and lives with her family in Bocföld. The little girl arrived into her family with a significant genetic disease: the diagnosis is SMA I, spinal muscular atrophy.”
Wise Transaction: #95100****
Date: February 2024
Donated - Tamas Galo SMA Diagnosed
“Tomika is a 5 years old, chatty, bubbly little boy. He was diagnosed with SMA 1 4,5 years ago and we are fighting for his recovery ever since…”
Receipt numbers: #1078-48**, #1983-26**
Date: January 2024
Donated - The Cogwheel Canter Running Fest 2023

Donation made by The Cogwheel Canter Running Fest 2023
Reference: TCCRF2023-130-******
Date: December 2023

Donated - Movember Men`s Health

Men’s mental health, innovative medical research, and groundbreaking tests and treatments for prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
Receipt number: R-54079282-6785****
Date: November 2023

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