June was a month of milestones and accomplishments on Strava, where I dedicated myself to both running and weight workouts. Over the course of the month, I logged a total of 180 kilometres, which included 32 hours of dedicated training.
This not only encompassed my running sessions but also incorporated rigorous weight workouts aimed at enhancing overall strength and fitness.

Throughout the month, I achieved an impressive 24 personal records across various activities, reflecting my commitment to continuous improvement and pushing my limits. I also earned badges for distances ranging from 5 kilometers to a Half Marathon, highlighting the diversity and intensity of my training regimen.

June on Strava wasn’t just about logging kilometres and setting records; it was a journey of perseverance, discipline, and personal growth. Each activity and achievement stands as a testament to the dedication and passion I bring to my fitness journey. Looking forward to setting new goals and surpassing them in the months ahead!